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Investment Fund created in Cluj-Napoca

Finally, a new investment fund has been created to focus on pre-seed and seed investments. This new investment fund created in Cluj-Napoca it’s the first of its kind in Romania, so it’s a very good news for all of you startupers. The fund name is Risky Business. They are in search for 10-15 startups and plan to invest around 20 000 euros in each one of them. In exchange of that investment, they ask up to 20% of your startup. I personally think the amount is way too small nowadays, but I admit that it’s somewhat better than nothing. I find it curious why the amount is so small, since…
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New-York based startup opens offices in Cluj-Napoca

The established New-York startup Knotch is opening it’s new offices in Cluj-Napoca. We believe these are great news that such a successful startup/company (they might be over the startup phase, but not by much and that’s why I included them here) would start new office in this city. They have received a lot of investments until now and are very well seen over the ocean regarding the services they provide: real time intelligence on digital marketing. The opening of their second office (from what I know, they only had one office in New-York ’till recently) in Cluj-Napoca might be the first step in expanding the business in Europe too. Since they are a startup and…
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New Startup opened in Cluj-Napoca

Recently, a new startup has opened their offices in our city, called Comply Advantage. They are a London based startup that last year received a big series A investment that you can read about here. Their focus is on machine learning and artificial intelligence. By using these, they try to manage the compliance rules every company needs to follow. They are in search of a lot of people for their office in Cluj-Napoca, mostly focused on python. Their open positions can be viewed on our page dedicated to current  startup jobs in Cluj-Napoca.

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