Here you can find a list of the co-working spaces in Cluj-Napoca. In these places you can either work as a freelancer or build up your startup.

cluj co-working

This co-working space is located in city center, close to Technical University and Central Park. They are focused on ruby technology, so you will find here one of the biggest ruby dev groups in the area. Finding parking location is complicated in the area. Their plans start from 10 euros/day, up to 140 euros/month.

You can most likely find to rent a one room apartment close to city center with that amount and turn it into an office (you could find even dedicated office space with that amount), so it really depends on what you prefer. You enjoy having a lot of people around you to discuss with, and maybe help each other? Then you will most likely find yourself right at home here. But on the other hand, if you like your privacy all the time and want to be by yourself during working hours it might be better to skip everything related to a co-working space.




Cluj Hub co-working

This co-working space is located near the city center. Somewhat harder to find, but still very close to public transport places. Finding parking location is complicated in the area also. They have a lot of plans, and I feel it’s too complicated. First time when I looked at the pricing plans, I didn’t understood what would best suit me and how much it will cost.

They organize events regularly and they have also a backyard that’s pretty nice to work in during warm seasons.






Impact Hub Cluj co-working

Probably the biggest co-working space, this international franchise is pretty amazing. With hubs opened all over the world, the one in Cluj-Napoca is the second in Romania (first was in Bucharest). They are far from city center, but the location is in an old and renovated factory. You can find everything you would need on the premises: a restaurant, gym etc. They have a lot of programs dedicated for startups. So, if you have a startup this is the perfect place to go in Cluj. They also have multiple plans for working there. The most expensive one costs about 250 euros/month and it allows you to work from any of their offices around the globe (if you happen to travel a lot, this will come in handy).