Modern startup business or Old vs New startup business

Modern startup business; old vs new startupsEven though the startup culture is a pretty recent one, the concept has been around for a while. Its evolution toward the modern startup business was remarkable. That is especially because it mostly followed the same pattern as our society in general. You can follow it during the technological revolution that made its mark on life as our parents used to know it. Then, compare it to our current existence.

A modern startup business is somehow similar to one established maybe forty or fifty years ago. They both have the same main purpose: creating a product or a service to sell on a large scale and it makink an impact on every-day life of a certain number of individuals. The general concept of a startup or business in general is to turn a great idea into profit. Many of the large, even multinational companies that we all know today started out as small businesses. There were entrepreneurs with big dreams working and building them.

Given all that, we can’t ignore the major differences between what those dreams were in the past and what they ended up being today. Technology plays a major part in this change. The fact is that a modern startup business has a very high probability to be a tech-related one. Even the ones that target common subjects that have been around for hundreds or thousands of years. Such areas are transportation, fashion or food. They are probably using a cybernetic way of communication with the customer.

Opposed to that, entrepreneurs who started their companies in the last century had either a very direct access to their targeted clients through physical stores. Instead they have been attracting a smaller number of people showing a genuine interest. They achieved this through media advertising such as newspapers, magazines or television. The downside was that they were not having a direct and personal mean of communication with their customers.

There is another point that we need to make here. A modern startup business is very appreciated when it comes up with a brand new idea. One that nobody saw before. Of course, there still are new discoverable paths that we need to uncover in time. But you have to consider also the high percentage of failures among startups (close to 90%). Because of this, try to use some of the existing ideas after giving them a more or less subtle makeover. Tech is here to give us a hand while doing that. We can actually find smartphone apps that target almost any subject we might think of.

In conclusion, a modern startup business is probably more focusing on tech and emerges from the still-developing subculture of startups. Here, hoodies and sneakers replace the fancy suits and the mentality is, in general, more laid-back. On the other hand, it probably has its roots in one of the older, already functional startups. The kind of startups that have been adapting to our current society. It doesn’t really matter the times when they were built. All startups share the same goal: turning great ideas into money. And doing this while having an impact on the world surrounding them.