Sleep & Dine in Cluj

Hotels and restaurants in clujThere is an increasing number of people from all over Romania and Europe that comes to Cluj either for working here or for opening a startup business. Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to create a section where we will present hotels where you can stay and restaurants where to eat. Fortunately, there is a big number of each of those in Cluj, probably because everyone here already saw the big potential Cluj has to attract investments, startups and IT companies.

There are a lot of hotels in Cluj from which you can choose from. We will try to present you a few options that you might have from different ranges: from cheaper but elegant places to more expensive ones. If lately the number of hotels available has not really increased, we cannot say the same about the number of restaurants. The restaurants are, like the hotels, for all budgets. You have to remember that the cost of living in Romania is pretty cheap in comparison with the rest of the countries from EU. Because of this, the most expensive places are still somewhat affordable for all romanians too.

A general advice for all of you visiting Cluj, would be to leave some tips both at hotels and restaurants. In Romania we don’t have the tips included in the bill (the law is made in such way that this is currently impossible). Generally what happens is that everyone leaves around 10% or more tips everywhere they sleep, eat or drink. As a heads up, we want to ask you to be a little bit more indulgent regarding the services you will find here. We know they are far from perfect, but try to remember that we are a developing country. Even though many employees in such places don’t have the culture of providing good service, they are still learning. We are sure though that they will try their best to please you if you ask anything of them.

These articles will come in handy for everyone of you when you will prepare your next trip to Cluj. We can’t replace tripadvisor (and we don’t intend to do it). What we can do instead, is to present you the available options for accommodation and dinning in Cluj from the point of view of a person that has been in your shoes and is currently living here.