Tech startup idea

Tech startup idea that can be transformed into a tech businessYou already decided you want to take the next step in your career and build your own Cluj startup business, but you don’t know where to begin? Technology has taken over our lives and keeps advancing deeper in our existence. It is a gold mine very far from being fully exploited. A tech startup idea can turn into a profit generating company very quickly and efficiently. Also it is pretty likely to attract investors if you present them a well-thought concept.
There are some major business ideas that match the criteria, in very various fields of activity.

Communications. Social media is getting stronger by the day and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are generating insane profits already. Let’s not forget they were all startups at some point. Who knows who will come up with the next Snapchat or Whatsapp?

Lifestyle apps. There are a lot of aspects of our lives that you can transform into a tech startup idea. Some of the most downloaded apps are the ones whose main purpose are to help us make out existence easier, such as Runtastic, Myfitnesspal, Venmo, Evernote.

Smart homes. Somehow related to the previous ones, but with a small difference. Our mission to lead simpler lives is getting some help from gadgets found around the house. One of the most famous examples is Nest, the smart thermostat that connects to your phone and creates comfort while saving some money.

Programming. Even though it is somehow pretty common these days, this branch will always have room for more, since the options are endless.

Webdesign. Internet is our gate to the world, so most of the companies, even the ones not related to technology, have a website. If you have the skills needed, designing their pages can easily turn into a win-win situation.

Robotics. This is one step higher than all the other ideas, but it receives heavy funding too. If 20 years ago common knowledge about robots was limited to the anatomy of R2D2 and it was reserved for military purposes only, the technology is getting closer to our homes than ever.

High-tech everything. Your tech startup idea could be a more manual one. There is an increasing tendency in turning every-day items into electrical devices. We no longer read from paper because we have Kindles and tablets. Our bracelets are not only a fashion statement but also monitors of our body functions. Watches not only tell us what time is it but also who sent us Candy Crush invites. The options are, again, endless, and even though such a tech startup idea needs some heavy funding, if you can implement the concept in an innovative way, it can be rewarding.

These are only some pretty basic ideas. Given the constant evolution of technology, you never know where the next winning tech startup idea comes from. Keep an open eye on the trends and the forecasts, look for innovation and profit will come sooner or later. We strongly encourage you and try to help you with this website to create as many tech startups in Cluj. The reason is simple: not all the startups end up becoming big companies, but the greater the number of startups in Cluj the greater are the chances that at least one will become an important business in Cluj.

The road from a tech startup idea to a real tech company is definitely easier now than it was a few years back. This happens due to the continuous progress made in the technical field. Try to contribute to this progress. By doing so, you might help others in the future to turn their tech startup idea into companies.