Non-tech startup ideas

Non-tech startup ideasWhen you already decided you want to build your own company, technology seems like the only answer. There has been an association between these two, but it is not necessarily the only way to go. Non-tech startup ideas are usually right under your nose. Whether they imply various industry branches or services considered more or less common, there definitely is a lot where to choose from.

Non-tech Startup ideas to choose from


We all eat, it’s not something mandatory. But food is no longer considered only a necessity, but also a form of art. People pay increasingly more attention to what and how they eat and this is a highly exploitable trend. Organic farming is sought-after, so are healthy fast-food restaurants. Gourmet food will probably never lose it’s charm. Delis with artisanal products are getting a lot of hype these days.


Just like ‘organic’, the word ‘homemade’ is a trademark of products that sell well. If you enjoy knitting, making jewelry, designing Halloween costumes, a web-shop for everything you are creating on those gloomy Sunday afternoons is not a bad idea. Handicrafts are also sought after. If carpentry, plumbing or mosaic are what you enjoy doing, why no turn these non-tech startup ideas into a business?
There are also some unusual options here, such as building gift baskets or designing invitations for events such as weddings, baptisms or Christmas parties.


If you ever heard someone saying that “those who can’t do, teach”, it’s not very hard to make them regret their words. Take your passion and pass is on to others. There are lots of people who would like to learn how to do pottery or dance and would be eager to give you money if you will teach them how to do that. After a while, you could take the next step and build your own studio.


This is probably the business sector with the most opportunities. Basically anything can be turned into a non-tech startup idea. Some of the most common ones are being a personal chef or shopper, accountant, house cleaner, setting up a car wash or a dry cleaner. Besides these, there are endless possibilities that you can consider as being unconventional.

Delivering is not only reserved for take-out or online shopping. So just think of something that you would like to get delivered, such as flowers, grocery, wine, luxury items and get to works.There is also maintenance for various items in people’s homes that needs to be done and is a hard and laborious work, such as cleaning the fish tank or cleaning the gutters.

Depending on your skills and passions, turning your hobby into a full-time job is an increasing trend. Even if you never see it that way, those insanely good pasta that you are making for your family or your cleaning obsession can be considered non-tech startup ideas. You can easily turn them into profit with a proper business plan and a lot of ambition and hard-work.