A brief analysis of how Cluj job market looks like

Analysis of Cluj job market and Cluj jobsDoesn’t really matter where you live when searching for a job. Nowadays it is pretty difficult to find a job you actually want almost anywhere. With this being said, there is a strong link between the job market and the population number in one place. Because of this, your best chances are to start your job search in larger cities. Since there is a big number of people living there, they also need more things. To supply them with everything they need, you will probably succeed finding a job.

With a flourishing and diverse industry and possibly an active educational climate, you can find many Cluj jobs here. Taking Romania as an example, besides, obviously, the capital Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca is one of the best cities for prospective employees. Cluj jobs have been developing very fast in terms of diversity, salary, bonuses and many more.

Trying to break down the balance between offer and demand regarding employment can be a great first step in our mission. The unemployment rate in the county of Cluj is one of the lowest in Romania. In November 2016 it was an all-time low since the Great Recession: 1.9%. More and more companies open their gates and look for qualified people to hire. But this is becoming a challenge since there are fewer jobless persons out there.

One of the advantages someone has while hunting down Cluj jobs is the diversity they have. Some of the largest Romanian companies such as Ursus, Napolact, Jolidon or Farmec, trademarks of the national economy, have been “born and raised” here. Today, they are still important employers of the local population. Service industries are also very important and you can link them to tourism. This is also a growing branch in the developing Transylvanian city due to the increasing number of available flights. The development of the local airport in these past years is starting to show the big benefits in the local economy.

Given all of these, the complex development regarding employment the city has seen in recent years is due to technology. Both hardware and software related companies have chosen to branch out here. That is because the salaries are more affordable than in Western Europe. And also, there are a lot of qualified people who guarantee a job well done.

Of course, the comparison to Silicon Valley that is attributed to Cluj in various publications world-wide tells us just how important startups are becoming in the local industry. More and more people start working on innovative projects. They need help that can provide both knowledge and power to the small, emerging companies.

We can’t paint a proper image of Cluj jobs without taking into account the major motor of the local employment dynamic. The universities here attract gifted students from all around the country, who come with big dreams and ambition. Companies, especially tech ones, have detected the potential that students can offer. They hire them while they are still students, to ‘grow’ them based on the requirements of the companies. Thus, adapting the qualified man-hunt to a win-win situation for all of the parts involved.

As a conclusion, the worldwide evolution of technology had a strong impact on the job market in the major city of Transylvania, Romania. For all of those out there on the look for Cluj jobs, there is a high chance you will find the perfect one for you.