A brief analysis of Cluj startups

Analysis of cluj startups

Analysis of what startup cluj is becomingStartup Cluj, or how a city slowly transforms into a startup with the help of a big talent pool. There have been rumours of a new, emerging cluster of startups emerging in the Eastern Europe.

You are probably searching for the perfect place to set your new business. Also, you look for a place where the workforce is still affordable and also up to date with new technology. But most of all, a place where the community of newly founded companies is strong and on the rise. You can look no further. Because of the comparison to Silicon Valley on a much smaller scale, the perfect place for your startup is Cluj.

Recent years have seen a very powerful development of this new way of doing business. As a result ideas are being turned into reality much more frequently. With a diverse activity, varying from entertainment, transportation, education to services or economy, there is no startup Cluj wouldn’t embrace. One of the major factors determining this rapid growing are the communities that tie them together. They offer help in many ways to people who want to see their ideas develop into new ways of making money.

Clujstartupjobs.com is where most of them look for help. As a result our declared mission is to support each startup Cluj is hosting, help create visibility and facilitate the communication between them. Some of their members are already well known on a local, regional or even national level.

Trilulilu and Zonga are becoming important names in the entertainment business, with the latter landing a contract with Vodafone.

Catwalk15 made the most out of the rise of fashion blogging. Because of this, they are one of the main liaisons between bloggers and their fans.

Hipmenu facilitates the way we order food, already having a lot of collaborations in multiple Romanian cities. ClujBike and Bus Cluj Napoca are important tools in reducing the traffic in the city, promoting alternative ways of getting around without using your personal car. As a result, there is a very high probability you are currently making the most out of a startup Cluj is hosting without even realizing it.

They also have programs and events that assist business people in building their dream. Innovations Labs, Startarium or Sprint Point offer you all the tools you need to perpetuate your idea and turning it into profit, already having many successful brands in their portfolio. DefineSchool is a 6 day program wanting to help create the future generation of tech entrepreneurs of Romania.

Worth mentioning is also Clujhub, a collective think-tank for various subjects. Those subjects range from technology to arts and philosophy. In only two years, they managed to bring together people with common values. Also, they create an efficient collective work space that is the birthplace of many prolific ideas. This concept came to life after a detailed study of the freelancing and entrepreneurial market of Transylvania’s largest city and seemed like a great next step in the local development.

The main conclusion of this analysis would be that your concept has a strong chance of turning into a startup in Cluj. This is true due to already having many prolific examples. Also, a lot of help comes from the local community, along with openness from the public.