About Us

The Cluj Startup Jobs project is one that we had in our minds for a long time. Between our jobs and other different projects that we both worked for, we only recently found the time to actively start working on this one.

Cluj Startup Jobs has started because we felt we could help others into deciding if working in startups is the right fit for them. That, besides the hype that is being advertised all over the internet and media.

Most of the articles are and will be wrote by me, Adrian. I am the one in charge with keeping the content up to date and interesting for all of our readers. Now, a few words about me. I have started working in the IT field 12 years ago, before the smartphone era. Since then I started a business, closed that business and currently in the planning phase of starting the next one. While planning, I am working again in the tech field.

A personal target with Cluj Startup Jobs website is to somehow help to grow the number of startups in Cluj. The general feeling is that we do have very few startups. With some help the number can definitely be bigger. By increasing the number of startups, we will also increase the number of Cluj startup jobs here.

We are very open to collaborations with anyone of you. Be it startup company that wants help to find new talent or entrepreneurs wanting to share their ideas. The Cluj Startup Jobs platform is available to all of you who, like us, want to grow the local startup ecosystem.