Hidden benefits of joining a startup

Benefits of having a startup jobContinuing our tips articles, this time we will talk about the benefits of having a startup job. You probably have a few years of experience working for an outsourcing company, or maybe even for a bigger company that’s developing its own products (pretty hard to find in Cluj-Napoca, honestly). You are accustomed with having a 9-17 work schedule, free water & coffee, receiving the negotiated paycheck every month and that’s it.

When you have a startup job, the benefits are slightly different. That is because there are no strict guidelines imposed by being a large company. There is no need to manage a lot of people and make everyone happy. Nope, when having a startup job, you might find for example that you can have a more flexible work schedule. The focus is mostly on the quality of the work, and not necessarily on the quantity.. You start your work day at 11 AM and finish it at 16 PM for example, working only 5 hours/day. Or you could end up working 10-12 hours/day. It really depends on the startup and the phase they are.

Free water & coffee it’s pretty common in all companies, but in a startup you could also be allowed to drink beer or wine for example – during work hours. Don’t expect for the startup to pay for the alcohol. But they might allow it, so that they have more relaxed employees. I have worked at some point in a startup company. We had there the fridge almost all the time filled with beer and wine. Awesome experience as we all could drink and work, having good performances. As you see, there is a lot of liberties one has with a startup job.

The paycheck might not be as big as the one you have at a big and well established company. It often is about the same, sometimes a little bit over that. But there might be other perks to sweeten the deal and accept a startup job. A lot of startups offer shares for their employees, making them directly interested in the success of the business. It’s very risky for the employees, because you never know if a startup will succeed or not, but maybe it will pay off.

It really depends on the kind of person you are. Interested in possible bigger revenue in the future or in sure moderate revenue now? Think about it, try to see in what category of people are you. Of course, it depends on the startup too. Try to make your due diligence and understand what are the odds for one startup or another to succeed.

Another hidden benefit of having a startup job is that when that startup will become a profitable company, you being among the first employees, the ones that really helped build that company. The owners usually are appreciative of such employees. You might end up in a very cool and interesting position. Most initial employees of a startup end up being managers in different departments of that future company, having the power (and knowledge) to decide on new ways to improve the products you are offering.

Hope you like our list of hidden benefits, and if you think we missed some feel free to tells us using the contact form.