Secure a startup job – The resume

Startup job - the resume

Secure a startup job is a new series of articles that you will be reading on our website. The first chapter of the series focuses on a very simple yet important aspect: the resume. Creating one in a simple and attractive form is not that easy as it may look.

When you write your resume, try to use normal language in describing your experience; avoid bullet points. 1-2 phrases describing your experience for each of the previous jobs you had will be enough. Nobody wants to read long and boring resumes. Keep it about 1 page, max 2 pages if you really had a lot of jobs.

One so-so option would be to create your one page resume as an infographic. It can be risky as you don’t know the persons reading the resumes. But taking into consideration you are applying for a startup job, you can safely assume that the people are open minded. And they also might really like the freshness of your approach. The danger is though that everyone will do this, and the novelty part will soon disappear.

Another option regarding your resume is the linkedin profile (create an account if you don’t own one already as it will make your life easier). Fill the profile with relevant data about your experience. Then, just apply with the linkedin profile for startup jobs, where it is possible. Please take into consideration that this approach really works for jobs posted by many companies (big or startups) in other countries, but in our experience so far we can tell you that very few companies and startups in Romania (including Cluj-Napoca) offer this possibility.

Try to be a small “entrepreneur” writing a pitch deck, since the product you are selling is your own person. You are the best one to know your experience, skills, strong points, weak points; just present these to your “customers”, the startup companies in this case. Include also the weak points, as this shows that you know yourself pretty well and you want to improve on your weaknesses.

Keep in mind that the desire of self-improvement is very well seen by all entrepreneurs. So you might actually impress the one reading your resume. Since I compared the resume with a pitch deck, why don’t you try to write it in a form of a pitch deck? Yeah it will be longer than 1-2 pages (and I am contradicting what I said earlier), but it might actually impress and people will remember it. If someone will have to choose from multiple similar candidates, this might just be that interesting separator between them. Why shouldn’t that person be right you ?

Do your best to experiment with these various ideas you read here. You will see that sooner or later, you’ll end up securing that amazing dream startup job.