Tips for employees

Tips to find startup jobsIn this category, we will try to discuss about all sorts of tips for employees for getting the startup jobs they are searching for. This website is focused on entrepreneurship with a bigger focus on local environment. Because of this, you can expect to find a lot of interesting things that may apply to you.

General topics will be present too, as in the tech world there are a lot of opportunities almost everywhere for you guys.

Having one in Cluj is not an easy thing, mainly because there are not many startup jobs available. Your experience in a large organization will be indeed very helpful. But it doesn’t mean that you are totally prepared for a startup life. We will do our best here to try to show you as many aspects as possible about working in a startup. About how this transition will be changing your life. We want to help you to be as prepared you can.

Many of these things might be common knowledge for some of our reader, but even if we help a few readers it means we have reached our goal.

Looking at the job postings in different other cities in Europe, you might be finding a lot more available startup jobs. But also, a large number of people is trying to secure one of these jobs. The main reason for that is the liberty one has when working for a startup. With an increasing number of new startups, it is normal that many startup jobs are being created too.

These kind of jobs in Cluj are very rare since there are only a handful of startups. Because of this you must understand that there is a lot of competition. A large number of people wants to join a startup from the early moments. They know they have to fight for it, to demonstrate that they are really the perfect candidates for the job. Prepare yourself to receive a lot of rejections and do your best to understand each time why they rejected you. If they don’t specify it in the email they send you, try contacting them via phone or email. Always try to discuss what were the reasons for which they chose another candidate. This will only help you to understand what you need to work on, what more you need to learn to secure one of those dream startup jobs.

We will try to provide you a list of hot startup jobs in Cluj-Napoca, that will be constantly updated. Check that section every other day. Keep in mind that we do hope to list there shortly the perfect job in a startup for you.

We know that searching and finding for such a job is not an easy task, especially in our city. We want to help you secure one, so if you think we can do so don’t hesitate and contact us.