Investment Fund created in Cluj-Napoca

Finally, a new investment fund has been created to focus on pre-seed and seed investments. This new investment fund created in Cluj-Napoca it’s the first of its kind in Romania, so it’s a very good news for all of you startupers. The fund name is Risky Business.

They are in search for 10-15 startups and plan to invest around 20 000 euros in each one of them. In exchange of that investment, they ask up to 20% of your startup. I personally think the amount is way too small nowadays, but I admit that it’s somewhat better than nothing. I find it curious why the amount is so small, since there are around 40 investors and most of them are very potent business men from around our city. Maybe they just want to test the waters with a first batch, and after that to invest more? I really hope so, because we really¬†need a romanian pre-seed and seed investment fund for local startups.

If they end up being successful with their investments, in the future they will probably increase the available investment amount. What this means is that local startups also need to use carefully the money this new investment fund provides. As long as many of the startups that get investments succeed, the benefits will help everyone.

Also, once this step has been taken I hope to see such new investment fund being created in Bucharest and other cities as well. At that moment we will be able to say that Romania is finally starting to show it’s innovative potential. And we all know it’s a big one. It just needs some help.

Check out their website and if you have a startup, try to apply as you don’t have anything to loose. Discuss with them, see what they think. Not if you have some very very cool startup idea. In that case, it might be better to try to self-finance the idea until you reach the market.

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