New-York based startup opens offices in Cluj-Napoca

The established New-York startup Knotch is opening it’s new offices in Cluj-Napoca. We believe these are great news that such a successful startup/company (they might be over the startup phase, but not by much and that’s why I included them here) would start new office in this city.

They have received a lot of investments until now and are very well seen over the ocean regarding the services they provide: real time intelligence on digital marketing.

The opening of their second office (from what I know, they only had one office in New-York ’till recently) in Cluj-Napoca might be the first step in expanding the business in Europe too.

Since they are a startup and they have new offices in Cluj, it means they also have a list of openings for this office; take a look at their new jobs here.

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  1. vlad

    great news!


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